The Burnout is Real

by Jackie Roby
The Burnout is Real

Did you know 77% of U.S. professionals admit to feeling burnout? This is happening across the globe with the pressure to perform, work extended hours, and always be available. By utilizing travel as a tool for wellness, you can help your clients recover, increase their happiness, inspire creativity, and be better equipped to thrive.

While burnout manifests differently for each person, there are symptoms we can look for.

  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • Loss of concentration
  • Relationship issues
  • Excessive drinking
  • Feeling detached from peers
  • Cynicism


Gender specific studies have showed that women who experience burnout feel emotionally exhausted while men go through depersonalization. The latter can look like a detachment from loved ones and life in general, feeling insignificant. Do any of these symptoms resonate with your own experience? Have you heard any of this language from your clients?

At the International Wellness Tourism Association Conference, Dr. Judi Shaw of Shaw Medical Travel Consultants outlined recommendations for this journey from burnout to wellbeing. All of which can be found through wellness travel.


#1: Participate in Small Group Programs Focused On Connection and Community

This is available in many wellness properties like Hotel Saltus or Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. Have you tapped into the retreat leader community? We Love Transformational Travel gives insight into small group experiences happening worldwide.


#2: Mindfulness

Travel to Grail Springs in Ontario to practice their Seven Keys to Wellbeing. This property teaches that "our soul is the vehicle for transformation, the mind is the tool that wields it." Consider recommending a bio-energy reading for guests staying five nights or longer. This shows the impact of destressing the mind with readings at the beginning and end of the stay. Clients could experience the "Journey of Transcendence" at the new JOALI BEING where there is a specialized treatment room for sound healing including a bed designed for this modality.


#3: Stress Management Programs

Euphoria Retreat has a three-day program called "Feel Alive Again" curated to heal the stress experienced from the pandemic. It includes group activities like dance therapy and breathwork. Chenot Palace emphasizes destressing the body and mind to eliminate toxins for preventative care, improved sleep, and optimal energy. Clients will receive treatments like hydro-aromatherapy, Phyto-mud, and whole-body photo-biomodulation. The Chenot Method is well-known and implemented at many spas and health retreats.


#4: Exercise programs

Commit to recovery with a seven-day stay at Golden Door. In addition to yoga, strength training, and Pilates, guests can take classes to improve their balance and posture, take a gratitude hike, or try an outdoor cardio circuit. BodyHoliday has an expansive fitness offering including their BodyAware Programme that gives personalized support for a fitness journey.

For clients experiencing burnout, having the support of their travel advisor instantly lifts stress and provides a space to feel cared for. With that and knowledgeable wellness recommendations, they will be on their way to a more balanced life.



Jackie Roby is Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting. She is a sales solution strategist & brand ambassador for healing & wellness resorts; helping clients stand out as authentic wellness to reach their ideal guests. She is a DEI advocate, host of the podcast Through Inspired Eyes, & brings 19 years of travel & hospitality sales experience. Jackie coaches travel designers to attract the wellness traveler with creative approaches that are authentic and communicate the magic of their missions. Through a message of #TravelCanHeal, IJC's vision is to create a world where marginalized people feel empowered to be their authentic selves, where traveling is a tool for inclusion, & to grow emotional intelligence, healing, & self-care for a kinder humanity.