Sleep Wellness

by Jackie Roby
Sleep Wellness

Did you know that 40% of people have more sleep issues since COVID? Getting proper sleep can be a challenge when we're stressed and can impact our mental wellness. In fact, travel can disrupt the sleep cycle even on short haul flights, road trips, or staying in the same time zone. How can you help your clients improve their sleep on the road?

It begins with choosing the right hotel. In luxury travel, we've become accustomed to looking for Frette linens and an abundance of pillows. What about the quality of the mattress? Horsehair is commonly used in mattresses at wellness resorts because it's hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and has breathability. This last feature helps regulate our body temperatures, which supports restful sleep. Look to Equinox Hudson Yards  and Euphoria Retreat for this snooze worthy bed. SALT Hotels did extensive research on their mattresses to keep the body cool and provide comfort for those sharing a bed. Their beds have advanced motion control for a peaceful rest with minimized disruptions should one person toss and turn.

In the Urban Wellness article, we talked about pillow menus, blackout shades, pillow sprays, and sleep hypnotherapists. Light and sound impact our sleep the most. The darker the room, the better the rest. Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin offers hand-stitched, silk sleep masks in their store. Silk is wonderful for your skin and a soothing choice for sleep. (Bonus: this property also features Hästens mattresses, designed for posture, mind relaxation, rest, spine straightening, and more.) Scent can support the journey to a deep sleep, too. Firmdale Hotels provide pillow sprays and room mists for their guests to improve sleep quality.

Should your client need more focused intention on their sleep, look for cranial sacral therapy on spa menus. It helps soothe disruptive sleep cycles, neck pain, headaches, and TMJ. This treatment can be found at Hacienda AltaGracia who has mindfully designed their resort for wellness. Le Monastere des Augustines offers a new Tranquility Pro-Sleep Massage Ritual. This treatment combines Ayurvedic techniques and Indonesian Sea Malay massage with soft melodic music and soothing essential oils.

If the hotel doesn't have the elements for sleep wellness, it's an opportunity for creative gift giving. The WELL offers Liquid Calm to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. When our minds are racing, it can prohibit our ability to rest. The Sleep Care Company has a variety of special items like silk pillowcases, cashmere socks, and sleep kits. This site also has a blog called Rise + Shine written by their founder and sleep expert, Anne Marie Boyhan, providing tips and insight.

Have you asked your clients how they're sleeping? This one question can open the door to a deeper relationship and creating a more meaningful travel experience. 


Jackie Roby is Chief Excellence Officer at Inspired Journey Consulting. She is a sales solution strategist & brand ambassador for healing & wellness resorts; helping clients stand out as authentic wellness to reach their ideal guests. She is a DEI advocate, host of the podcast Through Inspired Eyes, & brings 19 years of travel & hospitality sales experience. Jackie coaches travel designers to attract the wellness traveler with creative approaches that are authentic and communicate the magic of their missions. Through a message of #TravelCanHeal, IJC's vision is to create a world where marginalized people feel empowered to be their authentic selves, where traveling is a tool for inclusion, & to grow emotional intelligence, healing, & self-care for a kinder humanity.