Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement

When you think of leisure travel, do you think of exercise? Wellness travel caters to the mind, body, and spirit so there will be movement at some point. But what type of movement is good to recommend? Just as the personalities of your clients vary, so do the many options available. 

Being the expert on your clients likes and dislikes, you may already have an idea if they are exercise junkies, yoga lovers, or anti boot camp. If the conversation has yet to happen and wellness travel is a desire, talk about "mindful movement". At the end of the day, this is what they want to achieve during their stay. To the clients that love hitting the gym or going for a run during their time away, this is how they joyfully move their bodies. Others might be interested in trying classes. And then some may have no idea, aren't sure what they're physically capable of, or gag when the word "exercise" comes up. (Remember - mindful movement.) It's important to understand what wellness resort is best for each personality.

If your client wants to focus their stay around active fitness, consider a retreat style experience.  The Ranch Malibu offers 7 to 9-day programming that includes six hours of daily activity. This can look like 4-hour hikes, yoga, or fitness classes. They have a strict "no options" policy so this is for a client committed to an immersive change in lifestyle. For runners, Rancho La Puerta has a retreat program to support their passion. There are three different trails ranging from four to nine miles that guests can explore. The resort also has a Running Clinic with interval training and an obstacle course for new challenges.  For one-on-one attention, many immersive wellness properties and wellness resorts have personal trainers available. BodyHoliday's senior personal trainer is Commonwealth Gold Medalist and Caribbean middle weight Body Building Champion, Julian Felix. One of the perks included in the stay is a 30-minute personal training review. This will kickstart your client's experience.

To sample new modes of movement, group classes are a fantastic option. For the ultimate array of classes, Canyon Ranch Lenox and Canyon Ranch Tucson deliver. There are over 35 classes offered daily ranging from pickleball to cardio drumming and everything in between. If you're new to pickleball, it might remind you of tennis or ping-pong or maybe even badminton. That's because it has elements of each in this sport that is accessible for all levels of athlete. For clients interested in cardio drumming, imagine great rhythm, moving to the beat, and getting an intense workout in the process. Many of the classes at Canyon Ranch are included in the rate, though not all. So keep clients in the know when they're making selections.

Hiking is a popular choice in wellness travel. It combines mindful movement and being immersed in nature; both benefiting the overall wellbeing. The fun comes in when you guide your clients to the desired piece of the outdoors. At Finch Hattons, guests can choose the Chyulu Wellness Safari Experience and enjoy full-day hikes or bush walks. Then return to relax and watch the hippos nearby.  Meanwhile back in the States, guests at CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa can take morning hikes in the desert and then experience an Intention Ceremony.

In the heat, being close to water can be ideal. Lake Austin Spa Resort specializes in water sports, classes, and activities. Guests can pedal on a hydrobike or take a kayak out on the lake. For pool lovers, AquaFit classes are great for moving the body and being kind to your joints. There is quite a selection for water movement to explore here. For a twist on Pilates, COMO Shambala Estate offers Pilates Cardio Circuit utilizing various apparatus and techniques for strength and conditioning.

Perhaps your wants to recharge and be gentle with their body. Le Monastere des Augustines specializes in helping guests look within with mindful movement. They offer meditative walks, gentle yoga classes, and tai chi. Look to the wellness packages to have classes included.

Mindful movement can increase joy if it sings to our souls. It's discovering what's best that is part of the fun.


Jackie Roby is a sales strategist & social media amplifier for healing & wellness travel businesses. As CEO of Inspired Journey Consulting, she brings 19 years of travel & hospitality sales experience, & hosts the podcast Through Inspired Eyes. Jackie helps clients stand out from their competitors with creative approaches implemented through achievable goal setting, crafting sales & social media strategies to increase revenue that are authentic and communicate the magic of their missions.